Counseling Philosophy

I am passionate about the growth of the human being. Each one of us is constantly changing and growing. I love helping people discover their highest creative potential, whatever form that takes. Effective therapy can help you grow in the direction of your best and highest good.

I counsel from a holistic perspective, with an eye toward integrating mind, body and spirit. With a background in yoga, dance, acting, meditation and chi kung, I bring a unique blend of disciplines that combine to offer therapy that addresses the whole person and brings you into balance according to your personal needs and goals.

Spirit is your Essential Self, that which you are and always have been.

Healthy, well-adjusted people move through life – physically, emotionally and spiritually – from a strong core, a center, a stillpoint within themselves that knows they are worthy, valuable and loveable. That stillpoint is your spirit, your joy. Joy is your natural state of being, and you may have forgotten this.

You lost your spirit, your joy, somewhere along the way.

You might have been abused, ignored, devalued or invalidated. You forgot what you wanted to be when you grew up. You might feel overwhelmed by anger, resentment, or confusion, or that you have lost your way.

The key to a happy, healthy life is the integration of mind, body and spirit.

When all three are working in a balanced way, you are once again in touch with the real, authentic being that you were meant to be. And by living and moving from that place, that stillpoint, you can express your highest creative Self in the world.